A letter to my baby boy – 2

Dear Lime,

This is my second letter to you. You are no longer the small-small-chubby-chubby-baby I went to India with. You are a toddler now. You are the king of mischievous. One day, when you grow up I want you to read this letter.

First, I want you to know that I do not have a very long hair! Neither it is thick!! But, whenever I lie down after a long day, you sneak up from nowhere and pull them all. You pull hard when I shout. A little harder when I scream. Lot of giggling happens even when I shout ‘Nooooo’. And your dad enjoys this scene!!

You love spoons, forks, tumblers and plates. You enter the kitchen before me every time. You open the dish washer/kitchen cabinets yourself. You take out all possible things you can and start banging them on the floor. No form of strict warning works.


You open and close the cabinet doors infinite times every day. God knows why!

Next, is the bathroom challenge. No matter how hard I try to walk slowly without any sound to get inside, you find me. You sit before the door and cry out loud until I come out. Every. Single. Time.

Your favorite spot in the house is ‘under your high chair’. What do you hide in that place? In the middle of ‘anything and everything’, you run to this place ‘to-do-something’ that im still trying to figure out.


If I do not lift you when you want me to, you cry loud. You make sad faces and run to daddy for extra drama!

And, this is one of your favorite stunts!

And, this is one of your favorite stunts!

And yes! This is how we talk to each other these days…..

You: ‘blah-glah’
Me: ‘You want to eat?’
You: ‘blah-glah’
Me: ‘No?’
You: ‘blah-glah’
Me: ‘What?’
You: *crawls fast towards the kitchen*
Me: *I hand over a snack to you not knowing what you actually want*
You: *big grin* and you crawl away

You converse with ‘blah-glah’ for all that we want to talk. Deciphering what it actually means is a challenge for both daddy and me. Though, I succeed most of the times!

If there is something that you adore more than me, it is the title song of ‘big bang theory’ (Of course daddy comes later!). You stop whatever you are doing and listen to that song like a big fan! You don’t move a muscle until the song gets over! Weird? No? And, if we do not allow you to play with the phone or the remote, you wait until the time we don’t notice and start pressing all buttons on them. You even called the cops once. How smart!

More tales on my next letter… Keep growing well, my chu-chu-boy…just like the way you are. And, stay happy, aLwaYs!

I love you,


8 responses to “A letter to my baby boy – 2

  1. Awww. He has grown up huh. Such a cute baby 🙂

  2. Nice one. I got a few glimpses of his leelai when he was here 😉

  3. so sweet.. :)… hugs to the little one..

  4. Lovely kid..Touchwood!

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