And this happens everyday

We were lazy. We were tired. We ordered dinner and were watching TV lying down in bed. Aww! What a pleasure it is to relax in your own comfy bed and to watch your favorite TV show… Right? Right! Anyways, all of a sudden I turn to Lemon and ask this….

Lavender: Can you write a poem?
Lemon: Hmmm, yeah!

Within split seconds….

Lemon: “Roses are red, Skies are blue, I am the best and I love you!”

Lavender: huh? What was that?
Lemon: You wanted a poem!
Lavender: Yeah.. but…
Lemon: See? I have got talents! Don’t you think? *Grins*
Lavender: *Rolls Eyes*

I know. It was not bad.. Neither did I like it nor hate it. But, there was just one thought on my mind at that moment ~ this guy can do anything that I ask for. Even if its crazy!


I was travelling alone to India in 2010… Lemon dropped me at the airport. He was supposed to park the car, bring my biG suitcase and meet me at the check-in counter. While waiting, I just called him and….

Lavender: What would you do if I die in a plane crash? Will you remarry?
Lemon: I make mistakes only once! *hang up!*
Lavender: *Fumes*

Seriuosly? What do I do with him?


P.S:- I am trying to clear my drafts. This post was written long back! Expect to see much more from my draft-collections and Happy Diwali to all!


4 responses to “And this happens everyday

  1. Haha such a sweet post! And the poem was very cute indeed. 🙂

  2. You have been awarded! check my space

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