The year that was 2013

Dear 2013,

You just have got a few more days and I can’t wait for you to end. No. I am not being mean here. You are one of my luckiest years. But its just that you have made me the busiest the entire year. Right when you began, Lime started to learn-to-roll-over-and-move-around. That left me all tied up. My schedules were tight. Then, we had our anniversary trip to New York. It was very cold but yet we wanted to travel and enjoy with a small baby. And then we caught a nasty virus that refused to leave us all alone for 2 months. That cold wouldn’t go how much ever we try. The eyes were puffed. The noses were blocked. The voices were broken. The bodies ached and what not. Yet we didn’t have a chance to relax and take rest. We had our India trip planned next. And so, I kept going. Exhausted.

While I was in India, I had so many people to meet. Had to travel a lot. Suddenly I had so many social activities in my life. Parent’s 60th wedding, Lime’s first birthday party, Cousin’s marriage and other birthdays to name a few. Every day, I remember feeling tired, but happy that im with the family. To add more chaos to whatever was happening, Lemon was not around with me for most part of my time in India. It was such an eventful trip.

After coming back, I started looking for a new job. Hunting for a good place to work was another bIg event. The preparations, the planning, the organizing, the interviews, awww the thought of it all makes me feel exhausted again. Next, we had our Canada trip. Visiting new places, meeting the BFF and her family were so much fun. Then, the new job offer made us move to a new place. Settling down in the new job, getting used to the new place, finding a good day care for Lime and all that made me feel stretched.

Next came November with thanksgiving holidays. One morning, someday in November, I just like that told Lemon that I wanted to see Niagara falls in winter. And we decided to goto Canada. AGAIN. My parents thought we were crazy. Who takes a baby and travels in winter to see some icy falls? Do any of you plan such weird vacations just like that? We do! We are that crazy! I know! And that’s how we made another trip to the east part of Canada and the Niagara Falls. The minute I came back, another virus caught me and this time it was the stupid conjunctivitis. And one day I looked soo tired that my manager asked me to take the rest of the day off, go home and rest!!

Then came December which was more chaos with Lime being-over-naughty (Yes! He can not only walk now but run. Imagine that!), Lemon having-exams and me with pending-assignment-submissions.

Wow. This was not enough for you 2013. Last week there was a snow storm. It took forever for Lemon to come and pick me up at office in traffic and snow and all that chaos. I had to stay so late at work. And just because our car wouldn’t climb up-hill in snow, I had to walk alone down the hill to the main road at night. A co-worker seeing me walking down the hill in the storm must have thought im nuts. But thankfully he gave me lift till the end-of-the road where Lemon & Lime were waiting. Uff. Then came my sister and brother in law to our place for Christmas holidays. This was so much fun and deserves a new post.

This is just enough 2013. I am done with you.  I do not dislike you but I am just happy that you are ending. You just have few more days left and I thank you for everything. Life is good!

I know 2014 is going to be better and full of changes and new beginnings for us! So, bring it on 2014 and good bye 2013!

Thank you
Exhausted Lavender!
P.S.: I wish you all a wonderful new year! Stay happy you folks. Tada!

2 responses to “The year that was 2013

  1. What an eventful year. Wish you a more relaxed and happy 2014 🙂

  2. Nice post. Happy new year 2014 to you lemon and lime 🙂

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