Dear ILP,

I dreamt about you yesterday. It was a lovely dream. I remembered the 3 months I spent away from my family. I usually do not remember my dreams. But this one was very special. 

I dreamt of my first trip away from home in 2008. I dreamt of my mom, dad and paati packing my bags. And how they were making sure I had all that I would need for the next 3 months.

I dreamt about me and my BFF traveling to the Madras Egmore station, chasing each other to get the window seat and then waving goodbye to our parents. It was an awesome train-trip to Coimbatore where I had you, ILP!

I dreamt of my first day… you welcomed me with a bright sunshine. And how I traveled with my BFF and other friends in a car from our hotel to our first-day-orientation in some place. And then how we switched our ILP program from Coimbatore to Trivandrum. And how I met my cousin that night in Pallakad, on our way to Trivandrum.

I dreamt of that first morning I woke up to in Trivandrum and how we rushed to our ILP in Technopark. I dreamt of seeing so many people around. Not that I could identify any. And how me and BFF always used to skip breakfast and rush to our classes just on time.I dreamt of the various sessions I had and how I fell asleep during most of them. I dreamt of hating the food at the cafeteria, and mostly living on Maggie and Tea from the near-by tea-kadai.

I dreamt of how my parents went nuts to know that I switched my ILP program to Trivandram without even informing them. More than me, they were so scared. I dreamt of my mom and dad recharging my mobile almost every other day just to talk to me. And how my mom came to see me in Trivandrum to make sure I was okay. And then how my BFF’s dad came to Trivandrum after few days to see us again to make sure we were fine! Aww.. such lovely parents we have.

I dreamt of all the outings I went with my friends in Trivandrum. And how me and my BFF would complete our assignments staying up late at night. I dreamt of all the different people I met during those three months and how some of us are in touch even today.

 I dreamt of all the late night walks, the main road we used to walk thru’ when we missed our shuttle and how these experiences were so unique and different for me. I dreamt of all the temples I visited… from Padmanabhaswamy temple to my favorite small hanuman temple near our hostel.

I dream of my first flight from Trivandrum to Madras. And how I was so scared.

I dreamt of how everything seemed so good except for the fact that I was posted to Mumbai and all my friends got Madras posting. And how I came back home just for a day and then left  to Mumbai the very next day.

So yeah, I dreamt about you, ILP and it was all good memories. And it is with all that good memories I am ending this post. 

Thank you – Lavender!

P.S.: ILP – Initial Learning Program. It was a training program that every new-joinee had to undergo upon joining the company.

Stay tuned for more you folks!


6 responses to “ILP

  1. oh.. lovely post.. sometime relation are so beautiful na..

  2. So lovely Lavender! :)It is oft spoken that working women have a tough life..As long as we have good colleagues and friends at office would look forward for every Monday morning..Having a kid would definitely change the equation…Am not qualified enough to comment on it..But still as long as the office environment is supportive it is bliss 🙂

  3. Hi Lavender,
    Coming here for the first time, and this ILP post triggers so many memories for me too 🙂 Yes, when I saw the title ILP I was instantly transported to TVM, and the cafeteria next to the training house,the food….the place we stayed at. Believe me, most of us lived on the Maggi and tea-kadai too ( or the Punjabi dhaba on the next road). I just took a trip back to 2009. I’m no longer with the company now, though. Good one, Lavender !

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