I am bored

I am trying. I am trying my best to keep my eyes open. Seriuosly!!! But Errrr the sleepiness that creeps in post-lunch! I am hating it. It’s not so quiet around me though. Are there people around you ask? Yes! I can hear keyboard and mouse clicks. I can hear sounds like paper crushing from behind. I can hear the sound of opening-and-closing desk cabinets, I can hear someone walking in high heels. I can hear someone’s phone ring. Oh wait! I can also hear someone giggling and someone coughing! But, what am I up-to? I think I have got settled in this cubicle too-comfortably-to-sleep.

A dozen thoughts ponder in my mind during this hour every afternoon. A kind of monotony seems to have crept into my life. I do the same thing repeatedly every day. Everything from the music I listen to in my phone, the route I drive to-and-from-home, the food that I eat, the work I do, the people who I chat with, the news that I read, the websites I visit and almost everything. Oh my God! EVERYTHING! It’s all the same and I am so bored! I am not complaining. But its just that I am bored. I need a break from this daily routine… YaaaawwN!!

Anyways, tomorrow being weekend is going to be good. I am thinking about discussing the plans for our next trip with Lemon 😛

P.S.: I am gonna do all that’s in this post. I am so bored. Seriously, I need to stop here. Cya!


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