The periodic rant

Life is all about…

  • Getting up at 5 AM and cooking. Cooking for all of us – Lime. Lemon. Lavender.
  • Lime-waking-up at 6.15 AM with a loud cry. Me rushing to him with the milk bottle, forgetting to switch off the stove. Then rushing back again to the kitchen to switch it off.
  • Playing candy crush saga when Lime is drinking milk
  • Lemon-happily sleeping until 7 AM
  • Taking a shower thinking all about the million things in my life.
  • Driving to office and always stopping at all possible signals on the way. Why do those awful signals remain red for the longest time?
  • Seeing a lady on our way wearing green jacket, yellow scarf and red shoes. Why? I think. It looks odd. Doesn’t she have dressing sense? Okay. Okay. Why should I judge?
  • Dropping Lime at day care. He smiles and waves goodbye to me. Why? Shouldn’t he cry seeing me leave?  Huh!! What a naughty boy he is!
  • Reaching office and rushing to a meeting. Why am I coming late? Shouldn’t I be reaching a bit early for these daily meetings? Okay. Tomorrow I will be on time.
  • Having coffee/tea with friends at the cafeteria. Twice. Every. Day.
  • Hearing ‘you know what I mean‘ a thousand times a day. Why do people say this often? What if I don’t know what they mean? Do they even bother?
  • Having Lunch at my desk reading my favorite book / news articles
  • Attending more meetings till end of day
  • Picking up Lime
  • Hugging my baby tight and kissing him… Aww I love doing this.
  • Stopping at infinite RED signals again on our way back home
  • Playing with Lime and having so much evening-time-fun!
  • Talking to a friend and discussing things
  • Cooking dinner and watching some TV
  • Putting the dishes in the dish-washer and sleeping
  • Lemon-watching-more-TV and falling asleep without bothering to switch TV/light off…

Gawd.. Please let tomorrow be a better day.


2 responses to “The periodic rant

  1. Honestly, I don’t know if it will get better but but I truly wish tomorrow is a better day for you.. Hugs Lavender 🙂

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