Ten on Tuesday

(Disclaimer: A very random post. Read only if you want to!)

I had a fight with my mom yesterday and I am damn sure that I will fight with her today. Again.

One of my BFF had a baby boy on the 15th. The baby is so cute. I remembered Lime and the day he was born. Aww – Sweet memories!

After eating in a stupid restaurant on Sunday, it felt so good to have paneer curry and chapati at home yesterday.

My mobile’s battery is too low and I need to charge it now.

I have a problem with my nail polish. It either comes off in a day or I peel it off myself. *face-palm*

My favorite store has been permanently closed in the mall near my home. It’s still open in other malls though. But they are far away. Lemon is so happy about this and I am hating it.

I did some shopping last weekend and I will do more shopping this weekend. Why you wonder!?! B’coz it will be our fourth wedding anniversary next Tuesday! But do I need a reason for shopping? Hell No!

I am drinking hot chai as I am typing this post and it tastes so good.

Today is Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday. Tomorrow will be Wednesday.

I am sorry. This is one of my senseless random posts.


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