Happy anniversary, Lemon!

Four years ago, this was a very very special day. 2014 looked too far away then. But here we are, celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. Already. Four years seems like a long time to me and I would say we have a good reason to celebrate.

My corner of the world‘ was started right after we got married. Ok. Ok. 3 months after we got married. I wanted a space to write all about ‘us‘. I wanted a space that ‘I’ would love and rule. I wanted a space for ‘only‘ us – the two crazy people. The journey so far has been so good. And considering how crazy and how different we both are,  I would like to list all our differences in this anniversary post.

I love shopping. He hates it!
I think this is perhaps one of our biggest difference. He was once a very good company to go shopping with. He had truck-load of patience to wait outside the trial room. Now both daddy and son enjoy in the kids play area while I shop like forever.

I have little interest in watching TV. He is strongly attached to that black box.
He would watch TV until midnight, never switch off and would fall asleep. He would leave the remote on bed. Lime would hit the volume button while rolling around and I would get up with the sudden increase in volume!! Daddy and son are not at all in anyway affected by this!! Neither does the big boy realize leaving the tv-on nor the small one realize hitting the remote-volume-button. They both sleep and snore and ‘ts always me who wakes up !!!

I wake up early and Lemon…
is incapable of getting up early in the mornings. Every morning is a mad rush. I need to cook for all of us. Imagine that. And all he does is wake up, get ready and go. Every. Single. day.

My hair is so thin and my nails are shapeless.
His hair is thick and it grows long. He has the perfect nails too. The shape is ideal. *big sigh*

I only like Indian cuisine. He can eat just about anything.  
No demands. No special menu required. He can even eat corn flakes and live forever. Neither he likes all that I love to eat nor I like all that he loves to eat.

I feel cold and fall sick during winter and for Lemon its not at all cold.
He does not wear sweaters even when it’s very cold. Just a light jacket is enough for him. Worst part is he wears shorts when its in low 30’s!! Crazy? No? Yes!

I strongly dislike watching lots of movies. He can watch even a boring one from start to finish without losing interest. On most days, he would watch a movie after I fall asleep.

I am obsessed with carnatic music. He has zero tolerance for such music.
I am damn sure he would fall asleep if I ever take him to any of those December concerts in Madras.

I am an explosive. He is a very calm person (OK! at least some people think so!). Who knows he can at times even yell in a very loud voice.

Last one. We both are crazy.
Imagine our life. He wants to eat dinner in front of the TV every night. So, we ended up eating in our sofa which is in right in front of our TV. God knows why we have a dining table at home. According to Lemon, the view of the black box (read TV) is not good from the dining table. OK. Whatever.

So you see there would always be some debate or the other in the house. No matter how much different we are and how much we argue,  the past fours years has been a fun filled ride for us. Such is our life.

Okay. FINE. I will STOP here and go ahead and WISH him —->>> Here’s a toast, celebrating four fun-filled years of togetherness! Happy Anniversary, Lemon! 🙂

P.S.: To all family who wished us , a big thank you. All friends who messaged us, thank you too! You guys are awesome.


14 responses to “Happy anniversary, Lemon!

  1. happy happy anniversary to you both. may there be many many more years of togetherness and love.

  2. Wishing you more and more lovely years of happiness in walking the journey together!!

  3. God bless you couple.. happy Anniversary..

  4. Congratulations & wishing you both many such lovely anniversaries to come 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the milestone ! Many many happy returns of the day, Lavender ! Iniya Kalyana Naal Nalvazhthukkal 🙂

  6. I am late 😦
    Belated anniversary wishes. Hope you had an awesome celebration 🙂

  7. Congratulations, Lavender! Here’s to many more years of fun filled togetherness, God bless all of you. 🙂

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