Lime Tales

He is just 5 months away from being a two year old. He is no longer a baby? He’s growing so fast!! God – I want to pause this moment. Time, please do not move! I just want to write down all about him in this post before I forget.

His teacher at day care told me that he loves talking. He goes to all his friends and starts talking (read babbling) it seems… At home, he loves his alphabet book. He opens all the pages and starts talking. It’s all in alien language which Lemon and I are clueless about. May be he is trying to say something to all animals and trees in that book? We don’t know.

He has learnt a new word ‘Yes‘. So, everything I ask he says ‘Yes‘. And when he wants to say ‘No‘ (which happens very rarely) he would just shake both his hands and his head very very fast. It’s so cute to see him do that and hence I would be mean sometimes asking him some questions repeatedly to see him do that action –  again and again.

His favorite song is ‘Wheels on the bus‘. I sing the song and he does the action part. We both have a secret song and he knows that very well… I sing the first two words and he follows by singing the rest. Next on list is ‘Old McDonald had a farm‘. He says ‘E I E I A’.

And now, he knows counting too. It’s 1 2 3 4 and ‘haaii’. And then it’s A B C D and ‘haieee‘. When he gets so involved in something, he would  start singing A B C D without even realizing it. So, it’s like A B C D EFG, A B C D EFG and A B C  D EFG… infinite number of times. I managed to take some videos of all this but now a days once he sees I am taking video he becomes very cautious and stops. So, its really getting tough to catch everything he is doing in the camera.

He has lots of friends in his day care. The other day when Lemon went to drop him in his day care, he wouldn’t go inside his classroom. His teacher called him inside and he said ‘No‘. So, his teacher asked his friend (read girl friend) to bring him inside. That little sweet girl came running towards him, held his hands and then they walked inside together. I was shocked hearing this! We told this to our parents and the family is already tensed that he has a girl friend. *Big Grin*

These days he loves getting dressed. Morning as soon as I change his diaper he knows that I would be applying the moisturizer next. He points to that moisturizer bottle and says ‘Tiiiis‘. And then he knows next would be the T shirt. He would lift his arms himself for me to put on his shirt. He would then run to get his socks and when he runs he yells ‘ocks‘ ‘ocks‘. I am impressed. Really impressed.

His favorite TV channel is PBS Kids. Hooper is his favorite coach.  This session comes in between every other show in the channel. Lime loves this sequence and it’s so funny to see him bend his knees when they say ‘Up and down and up again‘. In the end he would turn towards Lemon to hear daddy say ‘Awesome Job’.

Lemon is so mean at times and he uses Lime as the tiny-miny-robot at home. When he is watching tv and when the remote is far away he would call Lime to get it for him. Similarly the phone and purse and for all the tiny little thing that lime could carry.

If he is in a very good mood, he would talk on phone with his grandparents. He would have the phone in his hand and walk this end to that end (like his dad) and talk non-stop. His grandparents never get bored of this.

He loves hamburger buns. He eats it plain. No butter, ghee or jam is needed. Whenever he feels like having it, he would drag me to the kitchen and point his finger to the cupboard in which I store them.

After he sneezes, we would every time say ‘Bless you‘. If we ever forget to say that he keeps waiting and keeps looking at us – forever! He wouldn’t turn or do anything unless we say ‘Bless you‘.

He is a very good singer. I wanted to teach him singing and so one day I asked him to repeat after me. ‘Nan-na nan-na naa‘ and he repeated it immediately – the very first time. I am proud and Lemon thinks he got that gene from me.

OKAY. That’s about it for now. Will do a similar post sometime later 🙂

Stay happy you folks! 


8 responses to “Lime Tales

  1. My 3 years old grandson loves talking too and in two languages ! Dutch and French and sometimes a mixture, lol !

  2. He is such a happy child, ‘touch wood.’ I would love to watch him when he says NO. Keep writing his journal. He will cherish your blog when he is a big boy. Love his name – Lemon + Lavender = Lime ❤

  3. so cute.. we want more and more post on him.. 😉

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