Confessions of Lavender

• I love shopping. I love shopping. I love shopping. There’s no stopping.   – Don’t even try to stop me people!

•• I write most of my blog posts in office. Of course during lunch time! And I read a lot of blogs in office as well. But I may not read you if you have a dark background / theme. I don’t want people to notice what I am reading.

••• I only write about the happy silly side of Lemon and Lavender in this blog.

•••• I don’t talk to every one I know.

••••• I feel good when I receive compliments and I am in love with my new ring.

•••••• I am obsessed with Michael Kors handbag. I already have one and would definitely buy another one sOOn.

••••••• I am tired of cooking. I would definitely like someone to cook for us every day.

•••••••• I love my Grandma more than my Mom and Dad. Even when I was this little girl and when people asked me, ‘Who’s your favorite mom or dad?‘, I used to say ‘ Grandma‘!!!

••••••••• RED is and always will be my favorite color.

•••••••••• Last one and this is specifically for Lemon – ‘I am the best‘!!



10 responses to “Confessions of Lavender

  1. Sincere Confessions Dear 🙂

  2. Honest post 🙂

  3. Confessions are just so therapeutic! 🙂

  4. same pinch.. i too wre blog and read them in office.

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