On job, company and much more (100 Happy Days – Day 9)

I have always dreamed of working in a big office. The brand was not so important. But the look and feel of the office environment was very important to me. I wanted no traffic in my daily route to office. I wanted my cubicle near a big over sized window. I wanted a huge cafeteria with all my favorite food. I wanted the office to have machines that brew Indian coffee. I wanted it to be near my home. I wanted it to be spacious. I wanted it all.

Okay, with all this dream in mind, I wanted a full time job somewhere near my home. What do people normally do when they want a job? They search in all possible job sites or contact a recruiter, right? You know what I did? I google searched all possible companies in and around my area first. Then, I searched for all the company images to see which one would have at least some of the things that I dreamed of. After all, I would be spending most of my days there, I better like the environment, right? Right!

The moment I told Lemon about all this, he doubted if I would ever find a job. ‘Are you stupid? Who cares about any of these things? These days getting a job is more important’, he said. Whatever, if I do not like the place, I will not take it was my thought! Period.

And I hated contacting recruiters. They act like sales men/ women. They do their best to sell any job to anyone. Sometimes, I do feel like getting inside the phone and punching them since they do not understand what I want or know what I am capable of.

And then, I thought about freelancing. It would work for some. In the freelancing world you must do a lot of waiting though. And, I do hate chasing people for money. I don’t trust anyone and what if I dont get my paycheck at all?

Work from home? Again it might work for some. But how do those people manage all the distractions? I find it hard to write my assignments at home. Attempting to study at home seems to be futile process. May be a cup of coffee might help?

Anyways, back to reality. I have completed 6 months in my new job now. It has been super duper busy with all work, Lime and the MBA. I am occupied 24/7. But I cannot give up writing. So, what I am doing these days is dedicating some time everyday to my blog. Especially my lunch hours.

Spending all this time in a new role, I think I have been maturing enough in a different way and learning a lot in life. The team, the environment, the work is all interesting and am happy choosing this place.

I read somewhere that you should find a job where you would love the work, like the people and can’t wait to get back to work. The new office neither has a great infrastructure nor a great cafeteria. But I am definitely happy in my new role and so I think some of what that someone said has actually become true. Now, let me see how all this goes.



14 responses to “On job, company and much more (100 Happy Days – Day 9)

  1. congratulations on completing 6 months in the job and woww on the studies with a kid and full time job.. Way to go and all the very best for everything..

  2. so many spec for office?? thought i liked my place when i shifted, i hate it now because of the next Xerox machine which is kept next to me. so much of noise and people movement, i dont feel like working at all.

  3. You sure are juggling a lot – all the very best 🙂 Kudos to you for completing six months on the job Lavender 🙂

  4. I love your dreams lavender 🙂 Is your cubicle near big window?

  5. Congrats on your six month anniversary on the job! You seem to be enjoying yourself and that is what matters the most. 🙂 Keep writing!

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