Closet Problems

As I stood in front of my closet today morning, I could not find one thing that I would love to wear. There were old dresses, new ones, many, many, sweaters and few jackets. First look at my closet made me cry. I worried. I panicked.

Some nice ones are torn. Some are faded. Some don’t fit me anymore. And then there are others which I never wear at all. Gawd! Why only my favorite clothes fade/get torn soon?? Why? I definitely need to do something about this. At the least someone’s gonna want it.

I still remember the heartache I felt when I was forced to give away half of my stuff before moving to USA after wedding. I had to sort out and take only my most favorite ones. It was a tough decision. It was really hard to choose what I wanted. Err! I blame the limit on the airlines’ baggage allowance!!

In between taking care of Lime, the MBA, the jOb, the hOme – I have definitely let a part of myself go. I put a lot of  time in taking care of Lime. What I have not done is take out time for myself. Am I too tired?  Can I not do anything about this? I don’t know. But, I have decided to first take the next one-month to de-clutter the closet. I should donate my old clothes. Clean my drawers. Buy some closet organizers and actually organize everything.

As I open my closet door every morning, I want all my favorite colors to peep at me and smile!!!

All you reading this post, please suggest some nice ideas to organize the closet. How have you all organized? We live in a rental apartment and my closet  is too small!!


9 responses to “Closet Problems

  1. Hello

    HA, I dare not give any idea.. because I feel the same way when i open my closet EVERYDAY.. the funny thing is my closet it BIG .. this a booooo hoooo moment for me I tell you 🙂

  2. Ladies and the closet woes! 🙂
    Well.. that’s a great idea about de-cluttering.. Definitely something we need to do time to time.. As for ideas I don’t have anything special. I just hang my special dresses and sarees on the hanger and sort out the dresses based on daily wear, good ones, tops and dupattas separately. 😛 Nothing unique!

    • The closet is too small for me to hang everything… I don’t know what to do.. I keep searching for matching tops / skirts / pants every morning.. 😦

  3. giving away favorite cloths is really difficult na.. ok, i keep office wear and house wear separately in different shelf, and sarees take the topmost shelf as i rarely use it. then i saw videos on youtube on how to fold cloths and keep them organised,followed it. tada, organized closet is ready.. 🙂

  4. organize it by color. my ex roommate used to do that. it looks awesome to c a line of pink and then blue and then orange and then black!..and its easy to mix and match.

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