And this happens everyday

Last weekend as soon as I woke up, I saw piles and piles of clothes,  clean and dirty, everywhere. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw big stack of dishes in the sink. I look around and noticed that the house needed a vacuum. I decided to clean everything right away. And then I realized I cannot have Lime running around when I have got so much cleaning to do. He would keep disturbing me and I would stop in the middle and never finish cleaning.

So, I wanted my sleepy Lemon to mind Lime in the bedroom. I strictly told him not to leave Lime outside the bedroom and I shut the bedroom door. The moment I closed the door, I was worried. I worried that Lemon would fall asleep. Yes! Its Lemon. You read it right. Because the big boy always finds excuses to sleep when he is at home during weekends! But then I was confident that Lemon wouldn’t fall asleep as the room was very bright. The window blinds were rolled up and there was enough light to make him stay awake.

After about an hour, I finished cleaning the living area. Then, I continued to clean the kitchen. That was the worst part. I wanted to do all that I could to keep the kitchen clean. I emptied all the kitchen cabinets and wiped them clean. All visible dust was cleaned. The dishes were put in the dish washer and switched on. The last thing was the fridge. When I opened the fridge door, I heard Lime. I heard him say ‘Haaaaaaai’ – I realized he was behind me. What I did not realize was that he had been in the living area for a while.  Then when I turned around –> The lil’one was slowly walking towards the pile of junk I had gathered there in a box. Everything was out from the box in no time. I was so angry. I was so desperate to clean the house during the weekend and it took me almost an hour to clean and gather all the junk in the living room alone. Sigh!

And oh! I did not see Lemon around at all. I gave Lime the strict mommy look and carried him to the bedroom.  And then what do I see?

The big naughty boy was sleeping. Snoring and sleeping!! He had closed the blinds, and used the blankets to shield his face. That very second, I wondered how Lime got out of the room in the first place? Then it hit me. Hit me hard that the little one can now reach the door handle and open the door all by himself. The naughty little one must have opened the door and rushed out when daddy fell asleep. Arghhh… I had to do some extra work cleaning all the junk again!!

What do I do with these boys? One is lazy and sleepy and the other is active and naughty – aLwaYS!


17 responses to “And this happens everyday

  1. Acho. May be you could leave the cleaning part with Lemon and take care of lime😉😉

  2. Thats a difficult combination to handle…hmmm !

  3. oh my! too much to handle!
    Seriously give all the work to Lemon and have a gala time, pulling out stuff with Lime! 😉

  4. LOL.. sorry I laughed 😀 😀 The last line really cracked me up! So, what did you do? I guess Lemon was given strict Lavender stare when he got up?! 😛

    • Ah-it’s so cute to watch him sleep you know.. So, I let him sleep for a while and then woke him up! And yes I did give him the strict Lavender look 😛

  5. lol.. poor you.. simple advice clean one room per day.. good that lime let u do the living room cleaning part and didnt disturb u.. 🙂

  6. That’s boys for you..i loved reading this as it reminded dedicated me of someone who use to sleep in the bathroom when going for bath.. oh yes.. leave the water running so everyone things he is taking a bath but he would be sleeping ha ha ha ha

    Awwww let him be .. He needs the beauty sleep. .

  7. Lavender, I have nominated you for an award.

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