4 years. 180 posts. 37035 visitors ~ Happy b’day to my bLoG ! :)

Happy happy birthday to ‘My corner of the World’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Aww.. I can’t believe its already been 4 years. It’s kind of really hard to believe that I have managed to accomplish something like this. 4 years. 180 Posts. 37035 Visitors.   

Blogging has been so much fun. It has been with me through all my ups and downs. It has been supportive. I share a special bond with my blog and I love my blog!

I am an introvert. Writing is something very real to me. As most of you already know, I prefer writing to talking and reading to listening. No doubt, writing about me has been so much fun so far. Taking time to write about all that’s happening in my life was hard. But I’m truly enjoying this experience. Blogging has not interfered with any of my other activities in life. Sometimes, I write a post in office during my lunch time. Some other times, I write while I’m watching TV and at other times I just think of what to  write while driving back home and then finish the post after dinner. It is so much fun you know. I think interest and the desire to write is all that matters.

And WordPress – Thank you so much for this.


All bloggers who have been reading and commenting in this space – Thank you! Especially her, her, her and her. I thank all my other regular readers as well. All of you who have been reading but not commenting – thank you too! 😉

Take care and stay tuned for more posts! 🙂

#100happydays (Day-17)


12 responses to “4 years. 180 posts. 37035 visitors ~ Happy b’day to my bLoG ! :)

  1. Happy happy blog anniversary Lavender. I love reading you and thanks for the mention. Love you 🙂

  2. congrats dear.. 4 years is not a short time.. how this virtual world brought all of us together na.. :).. we wish to read many more post on this space..

  3. COngratulations and happy anniversary..
    4 years is a long longggggggggggg time and heres wishing you many many manyyyyyyyyyyyy more anniversaries …

    All the best always

  4. awesome. congratulations. and wish this journey continues for decades to come. keep writing!

  5. Happy anniversary Lavender…..

  6. Congratulations, Lavendar and best wishes for the years to come. 🙂

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