The month that was

Mom and Dad are here. They reached safely more than a month back, on June 2nd. Below is just a flashback of what happened on that day they arrived and about Lime’s 2nd Birthday Party.

It was 5.30 AM. My first alarm rang. I struggled and opened my eyes and I traced their flight-trip in my phone and found that they were still in London. I realized I had 12 more hours to see them and so I went back to sleep.

It was 6 AM. My second alarm rang. I struggled again to open my eyes. I wanted to get up but din’t feel like it. So, I slept again.

It was 6.30 AM. My third alarm rang. Lime woke up this time and cried. He cried loudly. So, I woke up finally with his loud yell.

Lemon had a training to attend that day and did not want me to pack lunch. I was all happy but lazy to cook for me and the lil’one. So I just made a cheese sandwich and hurried to work.

I left early from work that day, picked up Lime and reached home by 3.30PM. I realized I was tired as I stood there in the kitchen. I had so much of cleaning to do before their arrival. Thankfully, I managed to finish all work and leave home on time. I was very anxious about their arrival. This is their second trip to the US of A and first visit to our apartment after we moved North of Boston . My mom is not well and I had thousands of questions running in my mind about their trip and their safety. I waited for them right next to the door they were supposed to come out. Everybody seemed to come out except for them. I was checking the time every two minutes and was just asking Lemon if everything would be alright with them.

I saw them finally. I waved. I called. I shouted. They never saw me. I stood right there. Very near to Lemon. But then, they noticed him and not me. huh! After a little bit of more waving and calling they noticed me and smiled.

Lime recognized my dad in no time and ran to him. He was so happy with his grandfather. And that made me smile.

This time, things are different. I’ve been super busy since their arrival. We celebrated Lime’s 2nd birthday party on the 21st of last month. That week was super hectic. MIL arrived on the 18th. The day before his birthday, I had an all day meeting in the Crowne Plaza hotel. It was a meeting with all my company’s executives. Though I was bored most of the time, it was a good learning experience. Come Friday evening, I was damn busy. Mom, Dad, MIL, Lime, Lemon and I were at home. I had to cook for 6 people. Imagine that. My SIL and BIL arrived Friday mid-night and Saturday morning I had to cook for 8 people. Ah – it was such a great cooking experience but they all loved my food.

Saturday afternoon we all (except our parents) went to the party hall for decoration. I Lemon forgot the birthday banner at home and Lemon I had to make a trip back home. Only to find that the banner was in my car trunk all the time. Big Sigh! We finished the decoration in an hour and went back home to get ready. As usual I had choices to make and there was lot of confusion. I knew I’m wearing my favorite new red salwar. But what about my hair? What about the Jewelry? Last minute planning sucks. I have learned my lessons though.

The guests started arriving around 6 PM. We had a good comfortable crowd of around 50 people including kids and it was a wicked awesome evening. Lime was sleepy initially but later enjoyed and played with the kids. We ordered a Thomas Train cake and Lime loved it.

Here are some pics from the party…




The Thomas Train Cake!



The Moment!


What fun it was!


The entire gang!



Sunday evening we all went to the Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. And then dinner at an Indian Restaurant was a perfect end to a great evening. 

That's Lime playing with his Aunt and Uncle!

That’s Lime playing with his Aunt and Uncle!

And that's him exploring the beach sand! ;)

And that’s him exploring the beach sand! 😉


#100happydays (Day-18)


11 responses to “The month that was

  1. looks like a grand celebration.. Its always nice to celebrate with kith and kin.. happy happy birthday to Lime.. Enjoy your time with elders..

  2. happy b’day to little one.. looks like he enjoyed it.. loved the cake.. these parents too na, they are more interested in their grandchild than us.. 😛

  3. The decorations are amazing! It looks like you guys had a great time. 🙂

  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is what i want to say 🙂 after reading this

  5. That looks like a great party! Belated b’day wishes to Lime! 🙂
    Have fun!

  6. Awww. Such lovely pictures and finally I get to see you huh. Yeah I zoomed the picture to maximum to have a look at you 🙂 You look very pretty.
    Belated birthday wishes to the little one.

  7. OMG .. really? you did that dear?
    Now, I want to see your pic as well… Let me know if you are in fb.. I’ll add you 😛

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