What a strange life it is

Each time I need a boost, I have been turning to my blog. This space means so much to me. But I have kept something away from this space for a long time now. As I type this, a lot of things are going on in my mind. All my thoughts are about my Mom.

She is a 58 year old woman and the best-est mom in the whole world. I have mentioned about her a lot of times in my blog. Some posts are here and here.

Couple of years ago, my mom came to the US of A to visit us. That was the time she had to travel alone out of country for the very first time. But she was all fine. She reached here safe and sound. The first 1.5 months she was here went away so quick. We had so much fun.

She got up one day with severe leg pains and lower back aches. We all initially thought it was due to all the hard work she had been doing at home and from traveling a lot. But then she got so weak one day and had difficulty walking. Ultimately, we had to prepone my parents tickets to go back to India and  get treatment. That decision was made after a lot of deliberation.

She was admitted to Vijaya hospital in Madras. The initial check up results left us completely shaken. Her blood glucose (sugar) levels were tested. And the reports from the lab confirmed a diabetic problem.   She had severe leg pains too. We were advised to consult a neurologist immediately. From then on, it had been a downhill.

The doctors first gave her insulin and got her sugar levels under control. A biopsy was done to diagnose the cause of her nerve pains in her legs. The results suggested that she might have a CIPD. I still do not know what the hell that is. She was discharged after her blood glucose levels were controlled and was given pain killers for her leg pains. She started getting better and was going back to work.

6 months passed. And then the leg pains started again. Based on advices from some of my parent’s friends, she was admitted to Malar hospital in Madras and all the tests were repeated again. Only to find Nothing. The doctors did not know what was causing the pains. One thing they knew for sure was that a bunch of nerves branching from the spinal cord to the lower part of the body were weak. A random urine test also revealed that she is losing protein in the urine.

I have been in a state of shock ever since. Mom and dad managed to come here this year and stay with us for few months. She is taking her medicines but there are no much improvements. Her blood glucose is under control. But we are not sure of her nerve problems. She can walk but needs support. She can go up and down the staircase but will have severe pains after.   

For what possible reason should my mom suffer like this?  For how long should she suffer with pains? She was supposed to be working now. She was supposed to get promotion at work after 30 years (more than 30yrs, actually!) of service. Instead, she was forced to take voluntary retirement. I hate all this. It has been 2 years now. And yet we don’t have a solution. We do not know what the cause is.

As of now, they are back in Madras. Mom still has her leg pains. We need to find a good Neurologist and figure out what line of treatment she needs. I am not sure what exactly I must be doing. I have been reaching out to friends to suggest some good doctors in Madras. Now, I want to reach out to all you bloggers. Please let me know of any good Diabetic doctor / Neurologist in the Madras area.

I am surprised I kept this away from this space for such a long time. Today I knew I couldn’t keep this any more. I sincerely hope one of the doctors diagnose the cause and treat her well. All you reading this post, please keep my mom in all your prayers. I want her to walk like before and have no pains.!


14 responses to “What a strange life it is

  1. Hugs hugs Lavender. I will keep her in my prayers. She will get better soon and about the details you have asked, I am not able to suggest now but then let me ask all my friends here and will get back to you. Stay strong dear.

  2. Hi Lavender,

    I have been a long time reader of your blog. I am sending you the details of a good Neurologist in chennai. I do not know if you have already consulted him. He works late hours at his clinic most of the days till 2:00 a.m. Hope your mom feels better soon.

    Phone/Mobile044 – 24618442, 9444380409
    AddressNo. 57/109, Ground Floor, RK Mutt Road, Mandaveli, Chennai – 600028
    Land Mark: Near Old Mandaveli Post Office
    Contact PersonDr. R. Lakshmi Narasimhan
    Working HoursMonday – Thursday: 9 PM – 11 PM, Saturday: 2 PM – 10 PM

  3. Thank you! Thank you so much vai! I will surely check out the details..
    Also, thanks for delurking ! Welcome to ‘My Corner of the World’.

  4. hugs Lavender.. big big hugs.. I dont have the details handy but have some contacts with whom I can check.. will get back soon with some names.. hang in there.. Amma will be perfectly alright very soon with all our prayers..

  5. Big hugs Lavender! Your amma will be in my prayers. I really really wish she gets well soon. I am not sure of any doctors right away, but will try to find out and let you know. Hugs again.

  6. hugs and wishes your way .. I am sure she will be better very sooon .. I am sorry i am not of much help here , I do hope the docs find the reason as soon and then treat it at the earliest

    take care

  7. Take care Lavender. I am sure she will be her healthy, sprightly self soon. Have faith.

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