MBA, finally!

It is over. The Masters. The MBA PM. Phew! I got an e-mail last Thursday that said “Congratulations, you have successfully completed all your MBA PM degree requirements…..“. I had a big grin in my face when I read that. My MBA PM is done and I just have one word to describe how I feel now: RELIEVED!!

It was online. I was never used to this study-mode before. It was hard. And, it got more tough after Lime. I hardly had the enthusiasm at times. But I did not give up. 

All this while, I had been reading a lot. Reading through magazines and journals to complete my assignments. ‘Essays’, ‘Research’ and ‘Assignments’ were the words I kept saying for the past few years. This degree has taught me a lot. I did take my own time but it’s all worth in the end. 

I am happy that I have now successfully sailed through those tough times ! And my recent career move (into project management) seems a perfect fit for my skills and passion 🙂


10 responses to “MBA, finally!

  1. Congratulations Lavender 🙂

  2. Congrats Lavender!:-)

  3. Congratulations yayyyyyyyyyyy. .. well done..and my best wishes…

    And congrats on the career move too another yayyyyyyyyy. ..All the best always

  4. congrats ya! 🙂 talk soon…been a while now

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