Friday. Worry.

I am usually happy on Fridays. That Friday-feeling is so awesome you know. A feeling of joy. A feeling of weekend. A feeling of freedom. A feeling of happiness.

Well, this Friday has been so different. It was half past 4 when I woke up today. I was thirsty. I drank some water. Checked on Lime and tried to go back to sleep. But I couldn’t. I had truck load of thoughts in my mind as I tried to sleep…..

“Yesterday was a boring day. Okay. Okay. That does not mean today would be boring too. Dammit, I left my lunch box in the car. What should I cook for lunch today? Should i wake up Lemon and ask him what he wants? Nah! He wouldn’t answer that question. Lime is going to day care today after 5 days. Will he be okay? Birthday! It’s mom’s birthday this weekend. I must order something. But wait! What will I order? Ouch, my back hurts! We must change this mattress. iPhone 6 is so cool. I will ask Lemon to buy one for me. Oh! I have 3 meetings this morning. What dress will I wear today? OMG! This cold. I must drink Dayquil before leaving today. Oops. I must not be late. Let me wake up.”

In no time I was all up working in the kitchen. Cold water ran through my fingers as I did the dishes and some cleaning. Lime and Lemon were sleeping obvious to the fact that another soul was working hard to make their day easier. Cooking, dishes and cleaning are just few of the tasks I have to do every morning.

And, how I wake up both the boys is a different story post altogether. Putting them through the morning routine, selecting their dress, getting them ready, and packing their lunch are other chores everyday.

How nice it would be if Lemon sleeps early and wakes up early as well. Just like me. Not a demand but I just wish he does. I know I am a smitten wife. But why not write a book on his laziness! No? Yes!

To all of you who did not go to work today or was just at home enjoying Friday – I hate you


2 responses to “Friday. Worry.

  1. Even I love Friday but the workload sometimes makes it a fry day. Okay, that was a bad joke but my friday was the same.
    I just hope we both have a better weekend!

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