Ask your better half on a date

Dear Lemon,

The parcel was in your hands when the music stopped. You picked up a random slip to perform the dare. The slip read “Ask your better half on a date“. The minute you read the slip I knew this was very easy for you. I knew you would do it for sure. We have mocked this performance a thousand times before. At home. At Delhi. At our Engagement. At our Marriage. At our honeymoon. But that was all not in front of a big crowd.

So this time was different. Really different. There were 50 people around looking at us. I picked up Lime and lowered my eyes. You played your role, you asked for a date on one bent knee. The crowd shouted, ‘Of course!’ even before I answered ‘Yes’. Were we so obvious? It lasted for split seconds before we both burst into laughter.


Must thank the event organizer who took this pic and captured the moment forever. There are so many other things that happened in the party. But this one is my special moment.

We laugh each time we see this pic. It looks pretty funny but genuine. This picture takes me back to this event and this very same moment. Playing ‘pass the parcel’ at a Diwali Meetup last Saturday was so much fun. 

May the good times never end!


9 responses to “Ask your better half on a date

  1. that photo is priceless! such an aww moment.

  2. You are such lovely couple 🙂

  3. AMEN to that .. and here’s wishing that it never does.. God bless you both

    beautiful picture


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