Keep Calm and Manage On

[X] asks a question to [A]. [A] replies saying [B] is working on it and will get back ASAP.

[B] replies to [X] without keeping [A] in loop. So, [A] doesn’t know [B] has replied to [X].

Another person [C] replies to [X] without keeping anyone in loop. So, both [A] and [B] do not know this.

In the meantime, another person [D] asks a totally different question to both [A] and [B]. Luckily, [B] answers it, so, this problem was solved.

[E], out of nowhere, interferes and tries to answer [X]’s question without keeping [A], [B], [C] and [D] in the loop.

After a while, [X] forwards [E]’s e-mail to [A], [B] and [C] without the attachment [E] sent that [X] used to get the answer.

[A] is totally clueless while [B] and [C] still try to impress [X].

OMG! Enough! This day has been a total disaster!! 😐



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