I’m a big snow lover. But this year we have seen very less snowfall till now. So I thought the winter snow storm had decided not to grace me with its presence. All I have seen is rain during this winter. Well, I have been so snow-starving. But little did I know that it was going to snow non stop in my part of the world last evening.

I’m writing this post as snow is pouring. Oh! Wait! Did I say it right? Does snow pour? Or does it fall? Whatever it does when it is falling hard! I don’t know.

So, as it started to snow, I told lemon “Let’s go out! I know it’s snowing.. But let’s just go!”

His reaction? “Okay! I get it. You want to go on a snow-drive. But I’m just going to say No..”

After a small fight we both agreed since going out was not a bad idea. So, we did just that last evening. And it was fun!



3 responses to “Snow

  1. We had snow on 26th Dec for a bit and that’s about it. Not sure if we will have it again.
    But snow is fun especially with a cup of hot coffee in hand.. yummy

    Lovely pic.

  2. LOL at lemon’s comment.

  3. Its snowing here today and the temperature is dipping down 😦 I heard it will be like this for next 2 days..

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