Lunch with Colleagues

I’m not very comfortable at social gatherings. Especially professional and business lunch make me nervous. Interacting with people above me in the office chain scares me. I do not know the norms. What is considered inappropriate and what is not? I don’t know! I’m the youngest in the crowd always and this really makes it more scary and more uncomfortable.

Anyway, four of us went for this training and we all went to a Thai restaurant for lunch today. The guys were engaged in a discussion that revolved around corporate benefits, sports and the weather. I was interested but dint say much. I was just paying close attention to what they had to say. To add to my discomfort they started talking about politics. I was just sitting there having nothing to say. Sigh!

The food was good though. I gave a mental thumbs up to the chef and enjoyed my plate. Here’s a pic!


Also as I promised yesterday, here are some pics of the downtown.




11 responses to “Lunch with Colleagues

  1. I am mostly uncomfortable around such luncheons too!

    Food is looking amazing and so is the place ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The food looks lovely. Sigh!

  3. Hmmm food does look yummy… Lovely pics

  4. The place looks so great!! And you know what you should just ignore them and start mentally drooling about the food before its served. Atleast thats what i do ๐Ÿ˜œ

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