Yet another Tag

Tag time, again! This one is from her

13 questions and my answers :

1. What is the first dish that you cooked?

Hmmm… Maggie! But then the very first thing I ever made in the kitchen is hOt water!!!

2. What is the first dish that you cooked for your better half? (If you are not married, you can tell us what you are planning to cook for him/her)?

The first thing I made for him is coffee. And then for lunch I made Rasam. 

3. Which food were you reserved to try first but then liked later it since you acquired the taste?

Gobi Manchurian. I hated the look of it. But then eventually I started liking it. And I made it for dinner tonight. Here’s a pic!


4. What is your comfort food?

Vathal Kuzhambhu / Keerai Kootu / Pappu Mamam / Potato Curry

5. Which dish of yours you like the best?

Hmmm… everything I cook is yuMMY.. even hOt water I boil is yummy you know!! 😛

6. Which dish of yours your family likes the best?

Don’t know! They have no choice but to eat what I cook!

7. What is your favorite street food?

Paani Puri – is the best. But there’s a local shop in West Mambalam, Chennai that has the bEsT Gobi Manchurian!! Nothing can beat that!

8. Tell us about any of your kitchen disaster story.

Recent one? hmmm.. last weekend I cleaned my gas stove. After cleaning, I did not know that the whole thing has to dry completely for the burner to work. I freaked out. And I make Lemon freak out as well! 

9. Any one or two food confessions 😉 😉

I love my Grandma’s cooking more than anyone else’s in this world!
I hate eating left-over food.

10. Apart from basic stuff, like milk, yogurt, veggies what you have in your fridge or in pantry? (Name any 3 items)

So many items. Our fridge is so full now. I just did grocery shopping yesterday. You name it, we will have it in our fridge [but only veggie food, okay!]

11. Any food related or cooking resolutions for this year?

I have only one and that is to make Lime eat all healthy food.

12. In our custom when you goto Kasi, you need to give up one of your favorite veggie and fruit. So you cannot eat that veggie or fruit from then on. Which one you would you give up? (It should be your favorite one)

If I have to give up something that’s my favorite, I am not going there!

13. You need to prepare a 3 course meal for a party? What dishes will be there in your menu?

Vegetable Briyani
Chapatis and any side dish
Baklava Rolls

Uff! And I am done. Now it’s your turn bloggers. Feel free to take this up if you haven’t already. 


12 responses to “Yet another Tag

  1. You’re quite the super cook! I am jealous now.

  2. You make Baklava rolls?!!! *falls at your feet*

  3. all the best with making lime eat all healthy food.. kids always run towards all this junk foood ..

  4. I am coming at your place. I will be happy if you serve me boiling water only, not that I would mind anything else😀

  5. Pappu mamam and baklava rolls? What are they.. Sounds greek n latin to me.. And my my.. Narcissistic aren’t we?? Hot water tasty itseems.. Lol 😜

  6. Yummy hot water, nice one 🙂 and what exactly are baklava rolls ??

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