A Letter to my baby boy – 3

My dear Lime,

Has it been a while since I wrote to you? Sorry tuttu.. You kept my so busy that I never got to write a letter to you.

Can’t believe you are little more than two now. I have not started potty training you but you seem to know already. Everytime you want to pee you come running towards me and say, “I want to change the diaper” At times, you also run into the bathroom and say “I want to wash hands”.

When daddy and I fight, our voices raise. We forget that you are around and still fight. You come inbetween us and raise your voice more than ours. You say, “Daddy! Ne na ne na ne na na na Mummy!” … “Shhh!” We stop. We laugh. And we hug you.

You know what I drink first thing in the morning. So you follow me to the kitchen and say, “Coffee!”. You also know how I make bournvita for you. As soon as I pick your sippy cup you say, “Mummy Milk! When I add milk you shout “Put bournvita ” and then “sugar”!

Cookies and strawberries are your favorites.

Whenever you see any Gods photo, you say “Ummachi Kaapathungo!”

You love music. Whenever I sing, you follow me imemdiately. You follow the tune and the thalam.

You run out to any place anywhere with no care. No amount of warning, scolding or time-outs have any effect on you.

You are not scared of anything.

Everyone in the family loves you.

Sometimes, for ‘yes’ you say ‘yeah’ and for ‘no’ also you say ‘yeah’. And I get confused all the time.

Remember how I said in my last letter that you like Coach Hooper. Well that hasn’t changed a bit. You still adore him and dance his way.

You fight with me a lot. Already. When I dont listen to what you say, you shout – “Mummy..No! Listen Mummy..Mummy……..” If I still don’t respond, you yell at me – “Nooooo!”. This “No Mummy” fight will go on for sometime. When you get tired, you say “Ok, bye!” and walk out of the room.

Why do you love your socks so much? Any time of the day you want socks in your legs. If you don’t see a sock in your leg, you would cry so hard to wear it immediately!

Keep growing my chweet boy. I love you so much! πŸ™‚



9 responses to “A Letter to my baby boy – 3

  1. πŸ™‚ he is only 3 .. that’s big letter for the little one .. make then shorter πŸ™‚ he he he he

    and good he is not scareddddddddddddd …

  2. He is not 3 yet πŸ˜‰ this is my third letter to him!

  3. Beautiful letter, Lavender πŸ™‚ Lime is super cute πŸ™‚

  4. This is super cute n hope Lime reads all these when he grows up.. πŸ˜„

  5. What an adorable post! πŸ™‚

  6. He ignores you saying, ‘okay, bye’! Hehe……so cute!

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