Catching a late night train? No Thank you!

This happened a long time ago. In 2009.

My mom and I had to go for my cousins wedding in Trichy. Mom had asked me to book our tickets. So, there I was browsing through and for the best possible deals. All looked great except for getting us the return ticket. For the date I needed to be back, only two tickets were available on a late night train. Since both of us had to go to office the next day, I had no other choice but to book that late night train. The train was at 00.30 AM. I got the AC Coach. I booked it. I took the printouts and was all set.

The Wedding was so much fun. I had a very good time with my cousins. The food was delicious and the weather was perfect. And then, it was time for us to leave. We said our good bye and arrived at the train station. 

One of our other relatives also had to catch a train at 11 PM and they came along with us to the station. As soon as they left, the station seemed very deserted to me. It looked to me as if we were alone. At 00:00 hrs, mom asked me to take the tickets from the suitcase and keep it ready. I took it out and looked at the train number, date and coach details. Only to realize that my train was for the previous day.

It was a mistake. A very big mistake. It hit me hard and I realized that I had booked our train tickets for the wrong date. I always thought I was booking a night train at 12: 30 for the 12th November. I did not realize the date changes at 12’o clk at night!! I had mistakenly booked an early morning train on the 12th Nov when I was supposed to book the tickets for the 12th night!! Or I should have at least selected 13th as the date when booking the train ticket. Sigh! 

My mom took it easy and did not get tensed. She asked me to relax. Knowing that we were waiting for a train that already left a day before was scary that too in the wee hours of the morning.

Mom was strong. She did not scold me. She knew I was tensed. She looked tensed and that much I can tell. But she asked me to pick up our luggage and we walked out of the station. There was no one around. I only spotted few porters and some homeless here and there. I thought we were going to the ticket counter to check if we can find a seat for that night’s train. But mom walked past the counter. So, where were we going? Are we going back to my cousins house? Or are we going to just wait in the station till its dawn. I did not know.

But mom had a different idea. We took an auto, went to the nearby bus station and took a bus to Madras and reached safely. Apparently we caught the very last bus that was magically just waiting for us. Believe me! It was such a weird experience.

May be I should I shown the tickers to my mom before the trip? May be she should NOT have trusted me with the tickets? May be we should have both looked at our tickets before leaving my cousins house? Yeah!!! May be!!! But catching missing a late night train and getting into a random bus and reaching home was one hellava experience! Phew!


12 responses to “Catching a late night train? No Thank you!

  1. This was indeed a weird and rather unnerving experience. I am sure you will remember it whenever you book tickets in the future. 😛

  2. Tell me about the 12.05 AM confusion. Been there, Done that!!

  3. Hehe….now whenever I book tickets next time, I will always think of this post 😀

  4. This is scary. I double check and triple check every ticket before our travel. Couple of times I have booked tickets for wrong dates but would realise it the next minute.

  5. I heard of a similar experience before, all this confusion with late night travels. Sounds scary though.

  6. Are we soul sisters or what? I did the exact same thing when we had to return from Thanjavur after pongal celebrations when I was pregnant. We actually boarded the train and denied to get down until the TTR came and sorted it out by saying our ticket was for previous night train. I even ignored to look at the ticket until then assuming I was correct. Add to this I booked this ticket from Trichy as there was no availability from Thanjavur. We came to Trichy in a taxi just to board this train. Then,we also went to the nearby bus stand at the wee hours and took a bus to Chennai that reached the destination at 12pm next day. I had to call my work and ask for leave. Also, we paid hefty amount for the bus as it was fetival season..

  7. Oh dear Ani, hugs!! This experience when you are pregnant is more scary. Good that you reached home safe. We have now learnt a lesson. We will never make this mistake in the future. Hugs again 🙂

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