Google Horror

A fun activity of mine is to check blog statistics and know what directed people to my very own page. I am going to talk to all those people today through this post. And for that I have chosen some of the popular search engine terms that have led people here.

Why would Google direct some of them here while they searched for some strange strings of words?? I have no idea!! 

To the person who came to by blog by searching…

1. ‘A letter to my father’ / ‘Letter for my father’ – Hey! You guys visit this space so often. I want to know why. What’s so special about this post? All of you are trying to write a letter to your dad or what? Tell me please.

2. ‘Network’ – Seriously? I dont know how google directed you to my blog for this search term. Anyways, if you wanted to network, why dint you say ‘Hi’ to me?

3. ‘Nostalgia’ – What are you nostalgic about? I hope you found some satisfying information around here. I am just going to wish you good luck.

4. ‘Lavender’ – *big grin* Were you guys searching for me? Or the color? Or the flower? What did you actually search for?

5. ‘Amazing Person’ – All you guys, thanks for stopping by!

6. ‘ Muhurtham Saree’ – To all of you people who came here searching for ‘Muhurtham Saree‘, I’d suggest that you go to RMKV / Pothys / Rangoli Sarees in Chennai.

7. ‘Maniaana Oru Padal Venum’ – Did you like that song? I love it!

6. ‘Wooden footbridge in the sky’ – Seriously, guys? How did you land here?

6. ‘I love you’ – Hmm.. strange! Should I say, I love you too? 😛


9 responses to “Google Horror

  1. Hehehe.. I can’t even talk about the terms on my blog from the search engine. I once wrote a post on my love for sarees and that now attracts many ppl looking for porn *shudders*

  2. ha haa… looks like you do attract different kind of people.. Now, I am curious to know what are the search terms for my blog..

  3. he he he you know there is a post in my drafts on exactly this topic.. But I am refraining from posting it as some of the things that people have searched and google has popped my blog for that .. makes me surprised..

    I mean why of why will google do that ..

  4. Wooden footbridge in the sky? Sounds fantastic! This is such a fun idea for a post!

  5. This is so interesting. Can you tell me how to install google analytics? I’d love to try this

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