Half a decade with the one I love

Dear Lemon,

We turn 5 years old today.Every year, when the clock strikes 12, you would wake me up with gifts in your hand. And I have saved them all since our first.

I look at our journey so far and realize that we are still the best-est couple! We fight with each other at least once a day. We are not very responsible. We throw our clothes all around the house. We argue in front of Lime. We order food every other day. And, you wake up really really late everyday. You still hate Carnatic  music and I still hate eating or even trying other cuisines. I hate you being so attached to your laptop and TV and you hate me shopping. But I also love the way you help me with everything. How you care about me and Lime. How you make sure we both are okay. How you ask us what we want. How you bear with my euphoria. How you do not mind my mood swings.

All in all, in the last years we have not changed much. You are still the same lazy boy and I am the same awesome girl!!

Now, here we are after 5 years of marriage. We have lots to celebrate and lots to look forward to. Cheers to the second half of this decade and many many more to come. Experience has taught me that everyone will have more arguments, more difference of opinions and other tough periods in their marriage life. What I hope and believe is that we will never lose sight of how much we love each other.

Life has been an incredible awesome adventure so far and I know I would not have come through this journey with anyone else. Thank you for making life so exciting and so magical. 

Happy fifth! Love you, Lemon! Always have, always will.



13 responses to “Half a decade with the one I love

  1. Happy Anniversary Lav 😊 You’re the awesome one? Hahahaha.. I loved this and yes you guys are the bestesttttttt.. Wishing you loads of happiness and many many years of love. Enjoy your day 😀

  2. Such a lovely note! Wishing you a super anniversary and many more awesome years of togetherness. 😀

  3. Happy anniversary to the most awesome girl 😀! And to the awesome girl’s Lemon too 😃

  4. Awww! Happy anniversary Lavender and Lemon 🙂

  5. happy anniversaryyyyyyyy yayyyyy and here’s wishing you celebrating the nth Decade of your wedding

    God bless you both ..

    PARTYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy time

  6. Happy Anniversary Lavendar!!
    Best wishes to you both! 🙂

  7. Happy Anniversary Lavendar 🙂

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