The tale of our fifth anniversary

You all know we celebrated our anniversary this month. Lemon woke me up at 12 o’clock in the night with gifts. I got a nice bouquet, a J’dore perfume, a teddy bear and a cheesecake. I even wrote this nice letter to him.

All was fine that entire day. Some people called. Some people wrote. Some other people just remembered. Work was nice all along. Colleagues wished. Lunch was awesome and when evening was just approaching, Lemon called and asked me to come home early. So, I left a bit early, picked up Lime and went home just in time for Lemon’s plan. We were so hungry so he first took me an Indian Restaurant and we ate chat to our hearts content. Then he took me to New York and Company and asked me to get whatever I want.

After shopping we were hungry again and he told me he had booked a dinner table at a nice restaurant. We made it there on time. The fondue was great. Lime liked it too. Everything was so good until this moment. 

A waitress walked to our table with dessert [cake] with a candle and said, “Happy Birthday!”.

Wait! What? 

I first got all excited seeing the cake and candle. But was shocked to hear “happy birthday“. Lemon had booked a dinner table for ‘birthday‘ instead of ‘anniversary‘!!!

 I threw my evil look at Lemon. And all Lemon did at that moment was give me a wicked embarrassed laugh. And all Lime did was joined the waitress and sang ‘happy birthdayyy mommyyy… happy birthday mommyy…” huh! What do I do with my boys? I couldn’t embarrass the husband in front of the waitress so I kept quite. But despite my initial anger, I ended up laughing soon. 

But how could he do this? Isn’t it just unfair? On our way back home, I let him sweat out a bit before I finally calmed down. And then I made up my mind to write it here today… just for the records..


This was the awesome dessert!


“happy birthday’ wish on my anniversary!!


One response to “The tale of our fifth anniversary

  1. oh ho.. it was probably just a slip of tongue when he was booking the table .. the people might have asked and out came BIRTHDAY.. i am sure

    come on..

    happy anniversary to the both of you and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY To you tooooooooooooooooo 🙂 he he he he

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