Happy Birthday to me! ;-)

So today, April 4, 2015 is my birthday. This day marks 29th year of my arrival here on this planet called Earth. It is the last year I can consider myself a “twenty-something“. The final 12 months of my 20’s begin today.

I’m NOT ready for the big THREE-O yet! And, I did have some oh-my-god-I’m-almost-30 feeling, then decided to get over it as I know 29 is young!

Is 29 a weird age? I don’t know. But I am not 30 yet! So I think I’m fine. I can still get away with being childish, right? Lemon is taking me to New York today. Not sure what he has planned for my big day. So, I’ll do a post-birthday post sometime next week to tell you all how weird or awesome it was.

All my fellow bloggers and all you lurkers.. do send some good wishes my way pleaaassseeee.. I’d like to have them all for this year… And so let me start by wishing myself – hope I have a fantastic year ahead! 😉


9 responses to “Happy Birthday to me! ;-)

  1. Happiee B’day Lavender!! Have a blast! 🙂

  2. Happy happy birthday Lavender 🙂 Wishing you a great year ahead

  3. Wishing you a fantastic year Ahead!! Happy Birthday Lavendar!!

  4. Happy Birthday Lavender ! Wishing you wonderful times ahead 🙂

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