And we are off!

House is cleaned. Laundry done. Dishes are washed. The bags are packed. Our holiday begins in a few hours. 

I’ve been doing a happy dance since 8 AM today. No wait! Actually since last night πŸ˜› 

We are going to the Cayman Islands. For a good 5 days. This is a long pending trip. Lemon promised to take me to the Cayman’s for my birthday. But due to his MBA course work this trip was postponed. Every time we see an opportunity to travel we always try to go to a new place. Downtown’s, tall buildings, busy streets all amuse me.. but what we need now is a nice calm vacation. So, we decided to be away from all these hassles.

Last years’ Turks and Caicos Vacation was one of our bests’. I hope this one becomes our best-est! 

Grand Cayman – I can’t wait to see you! 

So, tada peeps. Have a nice long weekend. See you all soon! 


6 responses to “And we are off!

  1. Have a nice weekend in the cayman’s, see you in chennai πŸ™‚

  2. Have a good time and enjoy the break.. and this is first time that this bank holiday I am off 3 days of sleeeeeeep yayyyyyyy

  3. Happy vacation Lavender:)

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