Mickey Mouse Party Prep

Oh Toodles! I can’t believe Lime is going to be 3 next Sunday. We are having a birthday party and I have lots of planning to do. 

Lime is so crazy about the Mickey Mouse and especially because of this I’m planning for a little mouse party. I followed all the DIY blog posts and made the banner and the party favor bags. I’m in the process of making the bottle wraps and centerpieces for decoration. It is fun and tiring. But just the thought of how nice all this is going to look at the party room gives me strength. A full post with all details about how I made the decorations will come soon. For now, I will just leave you all with this pic.


My Minnie and Mickey party favor bags

This is my first theme party ever. I want it to be perfect. Okay. Okay! If not perfect, at least nice! 😛 Let’s see how it all turns out. Thanks to all the musketeers who RSVP’d. Can’t wait to see all the little munchkins at the clubhouse 🙂 


10 responses to “Mickey Mouse Party Prep

  1. Those are super cute! 🙂 It’s going to be one rocking party.. Happy Happy birthday to Lime in advance 🙂

  2. A very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to the little one. .

    I am coming toooooooooo. ..

  3. Awesome job! A theme party is super but takes a lot of work. I am sure you were rocking.

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