And with that we end 2015!

2015 ~ the most eminent year in my life! I got my PMP certification, a promotion at work and in life. What more could I ask for? An absolutely eventful year for me it has been!! No more studying in this life- I think I’m done for good! 

Below are some of my best memories (in random order) –

The snow is finally here!! I have been waiting for it for a long time now. It is scary driving to work  when its here – But I make it safe every time!! Touch-wood!

Our Christmas tree seem cheerful and a perfect addition for the season. Lime gets excited every time he sees this tree. There’s always excitement in the house this time of the year!


Some days ago we went to Dubai. This is my favorite pic from our trip. Burj Khalifa in the background added beauty to the fountain.


We had so many get-together and so much fun. 2015 was also the year in which my social presence was high. I’ve had the chance to spend time with many friends, chatting, catching up over dinner, casual gatherings and the likes.


One of my favo pic 😉

I even enjoyed madras filter kaapi and a meal in banana leaf this year!

I was playing around with online surveys and even got my first check… Doing this has been so much fun – Want to try – Go here !


I’ve also started working on my next crochet project – Mandala Rug. Not sure when I’ll complete this .. but so happy with this pattern.


And Oh! How can I forget our Cayman trip. That was one of the best relaxing vacations I’ve ever had.


Snorkeling to see the colorful fish!

Today is the last day of this year. I think this has been a very very happy year for me. And 2016 is just going to be much more fun!

So bring it on, 2016 – I’m ready for you!

– Happy New Year everyone!!


8 responses to “And with that we end 2015!

  1. Lovely pics and that christmas tree looks gooooooooddd

    wish you and family a very happy new year ….

  2. Happy New Year Lavender, loved all the photos and snippets of the year. And that crochet project looks too good.

  3. Happy New Year , Lavender ! Lovely pics..Lovely experiences – specially the filter coffee and Banana leaf eating one 🙂

  4. Happy New Year Lavender! 🙂

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