This past month we celebrated ONE year since we moved into our home. The year has gone by so fast. I still remember the day we signed the papers. Phew! It was a biG decision and so much more has happened since then. 

One giant, home project that I did this past year was this. It was a bit of work and honestly one of the projects that I’m most proud of till date. The other major project was Lime’s Mickey themed birthday party. Making every decor from the scratch was one hell of an experience. 

Of these 12 months, the only room that is complete is our master bedroom. We have some furniture in the other rooms but they are still incomplete. This home is my first big investment. So I’m taking a lot of time to decide and decorate. After all, this is MY dream house ~ I must take some time to decorate my best, right? Yes!

We loved our first holiday season here. It has been wonderful having friends and family over for fun night and weekends. We also decorated one room (actually our formal dining room) for Lime to play in.

We drove around the neighborhood. We even shopped in the local market stores. We like it. It has been all good so far. We have bonded well. 

One thing I’ve learned in the past year is that home ownership is no joke. Taking care of a home is a full time job. It is definitely challenging but I’m enjoying this with Lemon and Lime. Here are some of my favorite spots/pics of the home. 


My home! 


The entryway, the fireplace, the patio and more!


The Backyard – where we spend most of our summer evenings! 🙂


The Arch Window – A big one!


8 responses to “One. 

  1. Looks great Lavender!! Wishing you many happy memories in the years to come in your lovely new house!

  2. That is a beautiful home and yes take all your time to complete it..

    Lovely pics…

  3. Beautiful pics Lavender, wishing you happier and wonderful moments ahead 🙂

  4. What a lovely home Lavender! 🙂

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