It’s all about the struggle between choosing one of the TWO choices in my life. Choosing one has always been so difficult. 

Have you ever thought about the impacts that choices have had in your life? Often I struggle.. When I choose option A, I feel like I haven’t made the choice that I really really wanted. And then at times when I choose option B, I have felt like I have had no other choice. Sigh!

People have always said / warned me to make the right choice in career, marriage, friends, education, job and even family. But No one ever told me how difficult are those little choices in life going to be!! I struggle with them everyday. The numerous amount of mundane  choices that we make day in and day out is what is most difficult. These little hard ones are those that set the direction of where I’m going in life. Some of these little choices include- 

  • How much happy I’m going to be today.
  • What to cook for lunch and dinner
  • Where to go this weekend 
  • How often do I call home
  • Which phone calls do I return

Lime, on the other hand, is all about exploring and wants independence. He likes to be given choices and have control over his day to day chores. He enjoys making his own decisions. 

Sometimes, I show him 2 of my favorite t shirts and ask him what he wants to wear. He chooses one and both of us are happy. He gets to decide on his own and I’m satisfied that he is wearing one of my favorites. *evil smile*.

Some other times I ask him if he wants help with whatever he is doing or would he like to do it himself. He responds nicely with gestures or words. It helps both of us and is always a win-win situation. I’m pretty much amazed by the power of choices and own-decision-making in toddlers!

May be choices are only hard for the grown-ups? I don’t know. 


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