*** A post from my drafts that was written during the chennai flood season! I wrote this letter to the THREE people I love most in this world. ***

Dear amma, appa, paati,

First thing I have been doing, this entire week, as soon as I wake up is call your landline number. The call gets connected, your phone rings, but I never received any response from your end. After a while, I would call your mobile numbers. Only to hear the not reachable automated message. 

It’s been 3 days now since I spoke to you all. I’m worried. I cry. I feel bad. 

Many people will NEVER understand what I’m going through now. Being your only child….being a girl who is staying far away from her parents and grandparent…. And all of you being senior citizens… Makes me worry more! 

I can’t just hope you are doing okay and think it’s just the phone connectivity issues and power cuts in chennai that is making you unreachable.

I want to talk to you all soon. I want to know you are all okay. I want to hear your voice.

Did the flood water come into our house? Are you guys safe? Do you have all the basic necessities? I don’t know. Sigh! 

Please God. Help them. Protect them. Keep them safe. 


P.S.: I was able too reach my parents after 4 long days that week. They are okay now. 


7 responses to “Three.

  1. Glad they are doing okay Lavender. It was really scary 😦

  2. I think this is the biggest issue .. when living abroad.. or far from near ones .. not knowing. .

    I can understand a bit of it what you felt.

    Good to hear everyone is ok..

    Take care

  3. omg that’s scary! I am so so glad they are all fine!

  4. Exactly how I felt. But I was just few kilometres away but unable to reach due to flooding n mobile networks betraying us. 😐 I didn’t want to eat, sleep and all I could do was think about mom niece brother n sis in law stuck on the other side. It was The most scariest three days 😕

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