4 is my favorite number

There’s always a number that is favorite to everyone. Surprisingly many would say it’s their birth date. I’m one of them and FOUR is my favorite number. 


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So, why did I choose this number as my favorite you ask? Every year fourth day of the fourth month gives me a great sense of ownership. On that day, I’m always being showered with lots of love, gifts and treats. And oh! There has even been surprise parties to honor me on that special date. I always love these moments and special attention. *Blush*

I also get a burst of optimism and positive vibes when I see strings of 4’s …such as on countdowns, clocks etc. I like 22 just because it sums up to 4. And, and, and Lemon & I got married on the 4th of February.

And then, there’s this coincidence – Lemon was born on the 17th. Add 4 to it and you get 21 – the date when Lime was born! Last one – look at today’s date! *big grin* Ah! The little little things in life that thrill me 😉 

What else do I need to say about why I like number 4? (; 

So, what’s your favorite number and why? 


8 responses to “4 is my favorite number

  1. Hi, it’s lovely to read your blog. I guess I am going to binge read in the next few days and pop random comments all over the place. Hope that’s fine….
    My favorite number is 3 even though it’s not my birth date but somehow everything happens in threes and it’s been lucky for me on various occasions!

  2. Happy 4 🙂

    I got engaged to V on 4th day of 4th month in the 4th year of this century 🙂

    I like number 11, my birthday 🙂

  3. Lavender, I just realised you are following a number theme.. *sheepish grin * wonderful idea!! How come nothing like this happens to me. My favourite numbers are 7 and 10. Maybe I haven’t noticed it properly..

  4. little little moments that thrills you.. I’m so thrilled hearing that. And as Soumya has written, such a lovely post.. me too will binge and comment in strings of 4 who knows 🙂

    My fav numbers, (I have two), are 3 and 9.. 9 is my birthday and as you said, every month the day 9 I feel an ownership of it.. my day and 3 because three times three makes nine.. if not for 3 there isn;t a 9.. Good day to you lavendar.. waiting for the 5 in the list..

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