Seven Dwarfs and me!

If you are close to me, you already would know how much I love fairy tales, dreams and magic. Snow White is one of my favorite characters. Even more interesting to me are her seven dwarfs.

They are a happy and a very welcoming group. I hear there’s a dwarf train ride in the NewFantasyLand. I’d love to aboard that dwarf train sometime soon.

Individually, I believe these dwarfs are tiny, cute and represent a type of my personality.

DOC – This tiny guy is all about wisdom. He wants everyone to know he’s an expert. He is knowledgeable. But like him, sometimes in life, I feel like i’m highly opinionated. I also wish I had the answers to all my eternal dilemmas just like him.


DOPEY – Uh-Oh! Dopey (; First of all, I like his name. He is light-hearted and considered pathetic. He always sits in the middle of the dinner table and speaks only when spoken to. I do that in my  life. I don’t talk with everyone I know and at times I only interact when people talk to me. I am not the first to initiate any conversation. 2016-01-06_1507

HAPPY – Who can forget his perpetual smile? He is cheery and a big fellow. He always looks at the bright side. I can be totally him at times and completely not at other times. I need to improve this part of me and it is still a work in progress.


BASHFUL – He is shy and I behave like him especially in large groups. I need some help to network with people and to push myself forward. Sometimes, I try to hide well and so well at times that I could be the 8th dwarf!


SLEEPY – He is easy to spot. He is a strong observant but always bored and yawning. But I kinda love him. If given a chance, I can be sleepy and take a very long nap.


SNEEZY – Poor sneezy, he looks sick. I’m like him during winter. I catch a cold. I sneeze during my meetings and look unwell. Someone must send this dwarf to my doctor in India so he can cure him with just one injection 😛


GRUMPY – He is about everything. He says ‘no’ a lot of times. He is always annoyed and his nose is the most prominent part of his face. Whenever there’s trouble he is the first one to help snow white. I can’t help but love this guy.Even though I do all tantrums just like him at home, Lemon loves me you know?


Phew! Who knew I was going to compare myself with the seven dwarfs. This Blogathon has been so inspiring so far. I do not know how long I’m going to keep up with this number theme.. but it is definitely a new justification for blogging.

Somebody pass me a trophy already!

#Blogathon 2016

P.S.: What inspired me to write this post you ask? It is this article that I read yesterday.

P.S.1.: All images are from GOOGLE!


5 responses to “Seven Dwarfs and me!

  1. love them… I remember buying the soft toys as well as a ceramic art piece from Disney… 🙂

  2. This is so cute 🙂 I’m Grumpy 😜

  3. ha ha 🙂 Yay to us!

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