8 Adventures in my Life

Both Lemon and I love being outdoor.  We are a big fan of adventure travel and find it exciting to visit new places and experience something unique. Here are our eight most fantastic adventures so far –

Submarine in Hawaii: When I look back at the past few years, I realize most of our holidays have been so much fun. My very first big trip in this country was Hawaii. The trip was terrific. One of my first one was the submarine experience. As we descended down the ocean, we saw sea turtles, shipwreck, some underwater pyramid structure, other wildlife and colorful fish – cool! I got a little sea sick after we started to ascend – but was proud to claim myself a submariner. 

That's our submarine!

That’s our Atlantis Submarine!

Parasailing in Key West – This was something on our bucket list for Hawaii but we couldn’t do it due to our last minute plans. So we got ourselves scheduled in Key West. It was an early morning experience. I was very excited for this adventure and it felt like I was participating in some reality show. I was scared initially but now that I’ve done it once, I’m willing to try this just about anywhere. 


Snorkeling in Cayman Islands – This was not for me. I neither know swimming or can just walk in waist level water. Lemon enjoyed this though. He snorkeled somewhere in the reef in the middle of the ocean. Here’s the pic.


Visit to the Stingray City –   Stingray City is one of the main reasons we wanted to go to the Cayman. We first boarded the yacht and sailed out through the turquoise water  to the Stingray city. It was my first time seeing a stingray and they were all a lot bigger than I thought. I heard they are friendly but was afraid of them. I was carrying Lime and the waist-level water only frightened me more. It was such a unique experience to be so close to stingrays. They were very very soft when gliding past us. We even kissed the stingray.  May be it will bring us 7 years of good luck? Ha ha ha!

White Water Rafting in Charlotte  –  Who doesn’t think whitewater rafting is cool? The water splashing wave after wave , the occasional intentional drop over one side and another unintentional drop on the other side is soooo much fun. We did this before Lime with the sister-in-law and the brother-in-law. Since all of us were rafting, we hadn’t taken any pics. 


Formula Rossa: The World’s fastest roller coaster [Abu Dhabi] – Ferrari World is the home to this fastest ride in the world. Again, this one was not for me. Lemon went on this with the cousin-in-law. Actually, they went on it just to say they have been on it. They had endless waiting in line but so much fun at the ride. 


Luray Caverns, Virginia – The caves had something unique and a story to tell. There were tons of formations to see and they are were enormous. The mirror pool reflecting the formations was gorgeous. This was quite a site to see.


Alberta, Canada – The Canadian Rockies are just beautiful. We did a lot of hiking in Banff and Jasper national parks. The visit to the Columbia Icefield Glacier was well worth the trip. 


Our unique experiences are what that made our vacations a memorable experience! What were your adventures and how much did you like them? 

#Blogathon 2016


6 responses to “8 Adventures in my Life

  1. Wowowow now I envy you so muchhhh. . I want to do all those again and againnnnn. ..
    Wowowow beautiful pics. …

  2. Haha 🙂 thank you so much Bikram 🙂

  3. Wow… You did so many adventures Lavender 🙂

    Now if I think back, I don’t find any such thing that I have done. Hope to find myself doing something adventurous in the coming years…

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