It’s 11 AM and I still can’t crack a smile!


It’s 11 AM on Monday and I’m still having the morning blues.

Monday morning blues are nothing new to me. More often I’m stressed out Monday mornings because of lack of sleep. So my initial plan was to go to bed early on Sunday. But it turned out to be just a wish. Lime refused to sleep on time and I ended being awake till 2 AM. 

Another plan was to watch less television over the weekend. But since Lemon is inseparable from the black box during weekends, I ended up sitting next to him and stayed addicted too. 

I also wished to keep everything ready for the week. Or at least for Monday. But I was too lazy and ended up doing my usual way ( hurrying up in the morning ) 

At least I thought I would have my favorite breakfast in the morning to make me feel better. But I forgot my breakfast at home and ended up having nothing. Sigh!

Somewhere I read Mondays are the perfect days to correct last week’s mistakes. May be true, right?

Now, just to make me feel better, I’m going to skip work for like 15 min and browse – to relax! May be this email from New York and Company will cheer me up a bit 😉 




2 responses to “It’s 11 AM and I still can’t crack a smile!

  1. Here’s wishing a happy week ahead 🙂

  2. Story of my life – I always plan to watch less TV and sleep early on weekends. Never works out and ends in grumpy Monday mornings!

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