After 12 AM

Dear Lemon,

If we’re at a friends house or anywhere else outside and I look at you questionably and roll my eyes and raise my eyebrows [in anger], it means I want to go home. It does not mean, I need you to come sit next to me. Last time, you saw me perform this drama, you came and sat next to me and continued chatting with friends for another 2 hours.  Errr…!!

You know I can only stay up until 11 PM. If I try hard, then may be until 12 AM or 12:30 AM.. but not beyond that. There were days when I stayed up all night just to chat with friends and others in my life. I cannot do it anymore, Lemon. Anything after 12 AM becomes a strain. I start getting uncomfortable. So, I demand you understand this and act accordingly next time !

– Your Wife!


10 responses to “After 12 AM

  1. For me, it’s early morning. Nothing, I repeat nothing must be done at that time and very rarely someone can tempt me into watching sunrises. But sadly, morning shifts have broken my habit. 😕 atleast in your case you have someone to rescue you. I hope Lemon gets the hint 😜

  2. Men and their understanding of sign language!! x-(
    Whenever I signal to my husband that I have to something to say, which I tell out aloud, he will instantly loudly react with a “WHAT?”. Arrgh!! I get so angry!! x-(

  3. Hahaha 😀 tell me about these men catching the wrong end of our gestures 😀

  4. Has Lemon read this 🙂

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