15 things I plan to get rid of this Bhogi/Pongal

I cannot have a Bhogi Bonfire in the US of A. So, I decide to at least get rid of some of the old things from the home. But where in the world do I begin? 

The decluttering journey may be fun in the end but is definitely painful. Here’s the list of things that top my list.  

Old Kitchen Utensils: These have been just lying there in my cabinets and occupying more space. I want to figure out what i’m really using and toss everything else.

Food: I need some time to check expiration date on everything in my pantry. Some has just been there for a while for nothing.

Spices: It is hard to believe that everything that my mom sends me in a parcel every year doesn’t stay good forever. Especially the ones that I rarely use for making vethakozhambhu .. They become dry and tasteless after a while.

Letters and Bills: We have a bunch of them sitting in a box. I have asked Lemon to get rid of them but he just seems to care less to do the same. It has become a common bad habit now to save every mail. I want them to disappear from my home.

Books: What do I do with these Computer Science and MBA books? We have them in one big suitcase. Suggest me some place to donate them please?

Clothes: I want to give away all the salwars I have. I never wear them now and I want to donate them all. Are there any places which accept Indian clothing as donations?

Medicines: This is another box that I need to check for expired prescriptions & over the counter drugs.

Expired coupons: I’m a shopaholic and I have a bunch of coupons lying everywhere in the house. I must at least get rid of the expired ones..

Throw away Old batteries and instructions manual for the appliances I KNOW how to use!

Towels: How many of these do we really need? I have mine, Lemon has his own and Lime has some. Plus we got some guest towels. Uff!

Lime’s Clothes – I have got a full suitcase of his new-born, Indian ethnic wear and the likes. I love them a lot and do not have the heart to throw them away. 😦

Socks – Especially Lime’s socks. He plays with them. He hides them and even throws them away. Who knows where the other pair is. Every day, the little naughty boy would cry and want to wear only those that do not have a pair! Sigh!

Greeting Cards – Lemon keeps giving me one of these for every occasion. I don’t have the heart to throw them away. But wait! They are not keepsakes, right? So, may be I can get rid of them. 

Toys – I have to figure our which ones Lime actually needs, which ones are of no use and which ones to give away. This is going to be one of my difficult tasks. 

I can’t begin to think how much time all this is going to take. But I’m determined to do this without a second thought! 


3 responses to “15 things I plan to get rid of this Bhogi/Pongal

  1. I too have got loads of stuff that I could do without, no idea when I would be getting rid of them 😦
    Good luck to you !

  2. Clothes and old shoes are at the top of my list. Hope you had a fabulous Pongal. Have a great year ahead.

    – Style.. A Pastiche!

  3. Perfect list for me too….just don’t know when!

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