20 weird/strange things

It’s so weird to see –

  1. People blocking their office calendar for coffee breaks and for making personal phone calls.
  2. People liking their own DP in Facebook
  3. People showing anger on their most loved ones for no reason
  4. People checking their phone for messages every 2 min
  5. People wondering why they chose their career just because they were bored one day
  6. People eating for no reason
  7. People sleeping for no reason
  8. People browsing through all TV channels for time pass
  9. People sleeping in office
  10. People printing personal photos in office printer
  11. People taking personal calls while in a meeting [I have one in my office who does this]
  12. People circling around while talking on phone
  13. People whose stomach grumbles and growls in a silent room
  14. People talking great things about themselves
  15. People adjusting their makeup every time they are in front of a mirror
  16. People taking risks
  17. People counting calories on everything and anything that they eat
  18. People talking to themselves
  19. People who are just so weird 
  20. This post

I do most of these things. But it is just so weird.


3 responses to “20 weird/strange things

  1. Hahah. Thank God you mentioned that you do most of the things. I was worried that I am the only one 😉

  2. The last line was good 🙂

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