21 and me

If I met my 21-year old self, I would tell her –

  • Not to let the world change her
  • Not to confuse what she wants with what others want from her
  • Not to complain
  • Just let go!

And, 21 and I have some special connection. Or so I believe..

~ The total number of letters in my first and last name is 21.

~ Lime was born on June 21.

~ Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores.

~ I already told you all about this coincidence – Lemon was born on the 17th. I was born on the 4th. Add 4 to 17 – you get 21 – the date when Lime was born!

OK. OK. I’ll stop. There’s only so much I can write about this number. That’s all for today people. See you tomorrow – Tada!


One response to “21 and me

  1. This was so cute! 21 is special for me too…I was born on the 21 🙂

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