When the clock strikes 22

I go to bed! 

Every single night I go to bed at 22:00 hrs. Sometimes the whole day I wait to retire to my bedroom. At the end of the day, I know for sure my bedroom will soothe me. This is the one place I escape to in the home if I need to. The warmth of my red blanket has never failed to do this even once. The stress just melts when I sit on my bed to watch my favorite tv show, read a book or type a blog post. It is just so relaxing. I have been addicted to this practice ever since I bought this home.

This was the first room I furnished after I bought the house. Lemon is the King and I’m the Queen so this gigantic King Bed worked out well for the both of us. I just added the three small mirrors on top of the headboard as an accent. The big improvement to the room was adding the brown wood blinds. It compliments the color of our wall paint very well. 

Stepping out of the bed is well very very painful. This is where I wish to relax the rest of my life. 



5 responses to “When the clock strikes 22

  1. Well written post..
    enjoyed reading it !

    Hot Pink n Florals

  2. Looks very pretty.. I am amazed at the way you come up with a post for each number.. It really needs some thought..

  3. 22… damn I need to go to bed early 😢😢😢
    And a huge bed..

  4. Loved the addition of those small mirrors on the wall .. 🙂

  5. Wow that’s one enviable bed! I’ll never get off of it 😝

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