At 24

Dear Lemon,

Do you remember this pic? It was taken on the day of our wedding, during the oonjal ceremony. That moment when this pic was taken will always be special. 

This was not a rehearsal. We were surrounded by our entire family, friends, the catering guys, the photographer, the video man and a zillion others. 

We were actually sitting in the oonjal for almost an hour waiting for the actual wedding moment. It was so embarrassing to sit in the swing all dressed up in front of the big crowd. Even more embarrassing part was when people started singing, dancing and teasing us all the time. But you made me feel comfortable. By passing jokes about our very own people. Lol. I laughed. I smiled. I was shy. I was 24 and you were 28. We were pretty young and fearless during that time.


I found this pic in our wedding album today. One of my favorites. Cheers to all the good old times and to all our future ones.



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