The not-to-do list

She is the inspiration for this post. I asked her if I can to this post one of the blogathon days and she said YES 🙂 So, here we go.

  1. I will NOT stop watching ‘The Bachelor‘ show. 
  2. I will NOT stop having coffee in the mornings. It is one thing that keeps me alive the whole day.
  3. I will NOT answer calls from unknown numbers.
  4. I will NOT carry my iPhone with me everywhere I go.
  5. I will NOT try to do everything that others want me to do. 
  6. I will NOT eat at the Taco Bell (Woburn, MA) again
  7. I will NOT ask Lemon to accompany me to any carnatic concert.
  8. I will NOT let Lime play in the kitchen. Last time I left him there for like 5 min and went to attend a phone call. When I came back, I not only saw the mess he made with the flour but he was also pulling out the rice bag from the cabinet and letting it spill all over the floor. 
  9. I will NOT ask someone about something ever in this lifetime.
  10. I will NOT ask my mom to message me on whatsapp. All she keeps doing is send me the same text that I send her. Not sure how she keeps doing this every single time.  
  11. I will NOT ask my dad to stop wearing white shirts. Its a waste of time. He can never wear any other color. 
  12. I will NOT waste my time again trying to be friends with people who are going to hate me anyways.
  13. I will NOT stop shopping
  14. I will NOT throw away my old phone
  15. I will NOT buy tortillas for at least the next couple of months
  16. I will NOT make sweets at home. Lemon and Lime do not like Indian sweets and I end eating them all the time. So from now on – no more kesaris, payasams or even gulab jamuns.
  17. I will NOT not watch more than one movie a day. Lemon can spend his 24 hrs watching back-to-back movies. I cannot.
  18. I will NOT stop biting my nails. Or so I think. It has become a very bad habit and I cannot stop doing it. I give up. Sigh!
  19. I will NOT buy boots with medium/high heels ever again
  20. I will NOT eat more sugary stuff. My mom is diabetic. So my mom and my doctors are warning me to take care of myself.
  21. I will NOT like you if you are mean to me.
  22. I will NOT hate April and number 4.
  23. I will NOT write a post like this again.
  24. I will NOT stop writing this post until I reach the 25th bullet.
  25. I will NOT attempt a number-theme-blogathon again. Period.

11 responses to “The not-to-do list

  1. I will NOT stop reading your blog 🙂

  2. Hahaha the last few were epic 😝 I loved the number theme posts. Thank you for the link, Lavender 😁 To more coffees, shopping trips and fun !!

  3. Lots of not’s….
    But taco bell now now I only been to usa once and I loved them….☺☺
    Well if you still fancy making indian sweets you can.. just courier them this side.. I will happily eat them all for you.. ☺☺☺

  4. Nice list Lavender:) But why no Taco Bell???

  5. I love this list! Quite a few apply to me too especially- I will not take my iPhone everywhere with me!

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