26th September

I had forgotten how lovely it is to just be in a concert hall – to just sit and relax and hear the music from your favorite artist. I had forgotten how people dress up just to show off their new pattu sarees, and how improved the canteen facilities were every year. I had forgotten the sabha hopping fun and the kolams in front of every house. How me and my grandma would catch a bus or auto from one sabha to another in the evenings to make it to the concerts on time…

I was reminded of all of this and more on September 26th, 2015, when Lemon dropped me at one of the temple auditoriums here to attend Sudha Ragunathan’s concert. I did nothing that whole day except getting ready for this wonderful experience after a long time.

For starters, Lemon hates Carnatic Music. So obviously I went alone. And no wonder he messaged me every now and then and checked if I was okay. Lol.

I dare say that day transformed me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. Late in the evening Lemon picked me up and I was all smiles and glowing. I really really needed that. I wish there were more concerts in and around the Boston area.

Here’s to the joy of doing nothing and just enjoying your favorite music!  


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