#27: Slices of Lemon

What do I write about number 27? I’m clueless today. I first thought I’ll post a picture that was taken during my 27th birthday. But then I figured I would rather write about what I’m good at writing about – LEMON 😉


What do I do when people think Lemon helps me more than any other husband in the whole world?

I ignore them. Completely. 

What do I do when Lemon becomes lazy to take bath during the weekends?

I insist him. If he doesn’t do it by 12 PM, I yell. I shout.

What do I do when Lemon wears the same T-Shirt more than twice a week.

I tell him to change the 3rd day. If he doesn’t, I pour water on him his shirt. I even beat him irritate him so much that he does change the shirt in the end.

What do I do when the world thinks Lemon is the best husband a woman can get?

I accept. But I tell them immediately that he is EQUALLY lucky to have ME!!

What do I do when Lemon refuses to clean his car?

I never accompany him in his car. If we are going out, we take my car and not his.

What do I do when Lemon refuses to go for a long due hair cut?

How hard can it be to go for a hair cut? There comes a point in life beyond which I do not push him. But if this point is reached, I get mad and shout at him. Until he actually does what he was asked to do. This behavior is so hurtful. Sigh!

What do I do when Lemon refuses to tidy up the house? 

I keep asking him to do it. I cannot complete all chores myself. I need help from him. I would be the most happiest – the day he understands this. 

What do I do when Lemon misses MY call? 

I keep calling him. If even after 3 times he doesn’t pick up, I get mad. Especially if I find that he did not pick up my call just because he was talking to someone else on the phone. Also, I hate it when he enters the home in the evening talking to someone on phone.  “Finish your calls before you come home. Once you are here, your focus should only be on me and Lime” is what I keep saying to him.  Perhaps i’m annoying. But I’m that possessive. 

I can go on and on about him but let me stop here and leave you all with the pic I took in the Cayman Islands.




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