Me at 28

2008: She is single. She’s just out of college. It is winter time. She celebrates new years with parents and leaves to a different city to start her new career. The weather was awesome where she went. She reaches the city a day earlier to her joining date. She roams around with her BFF around the city, exploring the people, the food and their culture. She becomes comfortable. The BFF even bought her a jeans to wear for the first time in life – a strange decision she made that day, indeed!

She starts a new career on this X-day. She sits in the welcome orientation. Suddenly, she was given an option to change her training from this city to another. She says yes immediately. Just because all her other batch-mates decided to do so.

Next day, she reaches this other new town. She is suddenly in a new state not knowing the language that people speak in the city. Just like that she was introduced to new friends. She liked the new city and the new group of people but life was so unpredictable for her then. She made a choice. Without asking her parents. It wasn’t her decision. She was just following the crowd.

After the training she got placed to some other city while all her friends were posted to Chennai. Sigh! 

She did not know anyone in the city she was posted. Finding room mates was hard. Getting along with new people was hard. Staying away from parents was even more harder.

She still thinks may be if she hadn’t changed her training from this city to the other, her life would have been different. She still thinks about it at times. Mistake. Judgement. Sadness. Horror. Is all what she feels.

Since then, choices have always scared her. Not that the city, the training, the job, or her new friends were bad. But she just feels she had made a foolish decision that first day of her training.


2014. Six year later. Things have changed. She’s 28 years old. She is married. She has a kid. One boy. Time passes. She finishes her MBA. She works in the US. In her favorite field. She buys a house. She is no longer dependent. It is going well.

She is not following the crowd anymore. She does things because she loves it. She goes to work. She cooks, she takes care of the family. And, she even manages bank accounts.

All of a sudden that girl is not who she was six years ago. 

All of a sudden that girl is real.

All of a sudden that girl is all grown-up. Even though she thinks she is still a child. 

All of a sudden that girl is me. 


She is still not comfortable with choices. But, this time, she knows what she wants in life. 

P.S.: This one is from my drafts. Wrote it for my 28th birthday but never posted it.


2 responses to “Me at 28

  1. Very nicely expressed again 🙂
    Since I have lived in Bombay (grew up in Delhi), some of your words bring back memories of a time .. that was not fun! But then, we are stronger, smarter, happier … what doesn’t kill us .. makes us stronger!!
    I live in Canada now … we are neighbors 🙂

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