What it is to be 29

WARNING: This is going to be such a boring post.. If you really really have something else to do, please skip reading this post. 

29 —– seems like a big number! Ain’t it?  I am in the final year in the decade of my 20’s. I am someone who I love. There is no shame or fear in admitting that. However, change is inevitable I think. I have changed a thousand times the past years. But, I know myself now. Now, more than ever.

I’m no longer obsessed by Shahid Kapoor or Ganguly or even my first crush. I have stopped watching cartoons. I don’t expect anything from anyone. 

I no longer say yes to everything. I have always been afraid of saying no – what will people think if I say no? What if they don’t like me? What if this..? What if that..? – All these questions run through my tiny brain when it comes to yes or no questions. 

And I no longer explain everything to everyone around me. I have also learned to start distancing myself from some people. 

And…… There are so many other things that this 29th year has taught me. But Enough of me okay? I’m so sleepy now. If I continue writing this post I might reveal more about myself which I wouldn’t have otherwise. So, I’ll stop here. This post may  be continued later…


P.S.: Its been a long Friday. 7 hours of meeting is too much even though the meeting room chairs are more comfortable than the cubicle ones. I am totally exhausted.

I did not want to quit the blogathon on the 29th day.So, I just pushed myself hard to write this boring  post. 


3 responses to “What it is to be 29

  1. Congratulations on No. 29 🙂

  2. I liked this post! Since I am about to be 29 in a fortnight, I have been wondering about how much difference it’ll make. Want to do a post myself.. It was good to read what’s your thinking at 29. 🙂

  3. Glad you were able to make it up… It’s tough to miss when the end is so close.m

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